The platforms

Combinatorial and/or high-throughput synthesis

The combinatorial synthesis of inorganic and organic compounds will be implemented using liquid, solid and vapor methods for the production of massive materials, thin layers, composites and porous materials. The different additive manufacturing methods are key to quickly developing new compositions of materials (metallic, ceramic, potentially bio-sourced polymers) but also new architectures, sometimes even evolving under the action of a stimulus as in the case of 4D printing. Thin film engineering often becomes essential to achieve the desired final performance. Particular attention is also paid to the synthesis of new architected materials, composites, hybrids, bio-inspired or not in order to optimize their structural or functional properties: inorganic semiconductors or organic-inorganic hybrids, quantum wells, heterostructures, nano -objects… The scale-up of these laboratory syntheses will initiate new industrial processes that are faster and have lower environmental impacts.