Innovative Advanced Materials for EU‘ partnership adopted in the 2nd strategic plan Horizon Europe 2025-2027

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On 20 March 2024, the European Commission (EC) adopted the second strategic plan for Horizon Europe, confirming the acceptance of the Graphene Flagship and Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative’s proposed Innovative Materials for EU partnership.

It provides an overview of the 5 EU Missions’ achievements that were launched in 2021: Adaptation to Climate Change; Cancer; Restore our Ocean and Waters; Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities; and a Soil Deal for Europe.

EU Missions are flagships of Horizon Europe. Their aim is to channel efforts across programmes to support well-defined, urgent and bold global challenges with engagement and support of policymakers, stakeholders and the wider public.

In 2025-2027, more work will be done to ensure that missions successfully shift from their initial phase to deployment and impact.

It identifies 9 new European co-funded and co-programmed partnerships:

This public-private partnership is supported by the Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative (AMI2030, steered by EMIRI, EUMAT, SusChem and ManuFuture) and the Graphene Flagship. The two initiatives have been working together to draft a detailed partnership proposal and a first version of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), based on all the input from the relevant stakeholders’ communities.

The mission of the IAM4EU partnership is to establish and maintain a cross-sectorial, multidisciplinary, collaborative Europe-wide Research and Innovation ecosystem that will significantly accelerate the time-to-market of sustainable innovative advanced materials designed for a digital & circular economy.

The current version of the SRIA is available here and has been shared with the European Commission. The document will be updated throughout the year and a final version is expected for the end of 2024.

On 13 March 2024, AMI2030 and Graphene Flagship organised an online workshop to present: