Results of the 2023 DIADEM Call

17 new projects join the PEPR DIADEM

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The French National Research Agency (ANR) announced the results of the 2023 DIADEM Call for proposals.

After the evaluation of an independent international jury, 17 new projects have been selected for funding and will join the PEPR DIADEM.

These projects will be launched by the end of 2024.

Dedicated webpages will be available shortly on the website. Stay tuned!


  • ALEUTIAN: Eutectic alloys developed by artificial intelligence and numerical computations
  • MIAM: Accelerating the discovery of innovative permanent magnets with reduced content of critical rare earths
  • NACRE: bimetallic NAnoparticles, Chemical ordeR and machinE learning
  • CROCUS: miCro laboRatory fOr antiCorrosion solUtion deSign
Polymers, molecular and biosourced materials

  • PHURIOUS: Highly reactive PolyHydroxyURethanes from bIobased resOUrceS
  • GreenFOAM: Accelerated discovery and optimization of high-performance green foams with controlled hierarchical architecture by light-driven processes
  • MISTRAL: Molecular chemistry for the nexT geneRAtion of ferroeLectrics
Non metallic materials

  • AMADEUS: Automated and machine learning driven design and discovery of high entropy ceramics perovskite oxides for energy applications
  • MADNESS: Artificial intelligence-assisted methodology for the discovery of new materials in molten salts
  • MATCH-UP: MATerials disCovery for next generation pHotovoltaics via highthroUghPut synthesis, characterization and ai-based analysis

  • ADVANCE: AI-Driven Valuation and Novel Creation of Energy-efficient, Low-Dimensional, High-Entropy Alloys with Superior Catalytic Performance for Hydrogen Production
  • DREAM-BIO: Accelerated Discovery of new catalyst Materials for production of Bio-fuel
  • M2P2-HEA: Multi-scale methodology for predicting the properties of high entropy alloys
Nanoparticule synthesis

  • BiMAn: Bimetallic magnetic nanoparticles with controlled anisotropy : from the chemical synthesis to the fabrication of optimized materials. Machine learning assistance
Surface engineering

  • ASTERIX: Advanced Surface Technologies for Resilient and Innovative materials in eXtreme environment
  • GRENAT: data-auGmented mAterial engineeRing for advaNced surfacE functTionalization

  • OPTISCRAPS: Lifting the locks of the green steel industry through the optimized use of scraps and their residuals and the dynamic design of alloys