Priority research program and equipment on the development of innovative materials using artificial intelligence

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In order to promote the economic development of the country, in particular by supporting the acceleration of research and the arrival on the market of more efficient, sustainable materials made from non-critical and non-toxic raw materials, the State launched the PEPR DIADEM Exploratory (Integrated Devices for Accelerating the Deployment of Emerging Materials). Thanks to the synergy of scientific themes orchestrated by artificial intelligence, the objective of PEPR DIADEM is to impact each stage of the innovation chain “from idea to object” and thus to transform sustainably and in depth the way of approaching Materials Science.

Faced with the societal challenges of today and tomorrow around energy, transport or digital transitions, or even health, the rapid discovery of new materials (metallic alloys, functional materials, nano-objects, etc.) is essential. Faced with the urgency of these ecological and societal issues which affect the entire planet, we must be able to develop them much more quickly. These materials or assemblies of materials are becoming more and more complex, with a considerable number of parameters to take into account to synthesize them, characterize them, and optimize their structural or functional properties. But fortunately today we have the technologies necessary to meet all these challenges: rapid synthesis and characterization tools, automation and robotization, digital simulations and capabilities to manage large masses of data, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and thin films engineering, etc.

Led by the CNRS and the CEA, in partnership with 7 academic partners, the PEPR DIADEM must drive a virtuous trajectory contributing to the competitiveness of French industries and the economic development of France, while integrating environmental and societal aspects.

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