SOLEIL: Platform for High-Yield Accelerated Characterization of Materials at SOLEIL

SOLEIL offers a wide variety of experimental techniques and sample environments for the multimodal characterization of materials.

In the PEPR DIADEM project, this experimental arsenal will be brought to a new level of scientific efficiency for high-throughput characterization. The different beamlines where this strategy seems most suitable are: ANATOMIX, ANTARES, CASSIOPEE, CRISTAL, DIFFABS, GALAXIES, HERMES, MARS, NANOSCOPIUM, PUMA, PX2, PSICHE, ROCK, SEXTANTS, SWING and TEMPO.

Different actions are planned at SOLEIL to meet the needs of the DIADEM project towards high-throughput characterization:

  • A new workflow will combine different experiments on the same class of samples aided by online data analysis and an AI-guided modeling strategy. The workflow will generate a unique digital identifier (DOI) which will be saved with the data.
  • Rapid sample changers using robotic arms in particular will be gradually deployed on experimental stations with the possibility in the longer term of automating the transfer of samples under ultra vacuum.
  • A new generation of 2D pixelated detector will be developed in the project with a large sensitive surface, rapid integrated data processing, and optimized synchronization with beamline equipment.
  • Automatic data reduction will be implemented directly at the output of detectors using software embedded on GPU cards and assisted by AI. In addition, powerful data reduction and analysis tools will be made available to users as well as advanced numerical simulation codes.
  • The rapid continuous data acquisition mode (FLYSCAN) will be generalized on the different experimental stations.
  • New modes of access to beamlines are planned such as BAG (Block Allocation Group) in order to provide frequent and guaranteed beam time to a consortium of users, or specific access hubs.