A-DREAM : Accelerated development of corrosion-resistant materials

The objective of the A-DREAM project is to develop a generic approach to accelerate the discovery of corrosion-resistant materials and coatings in harsh environments.

For this, the A-DREAM project proposes an integrated approach implementing:

Via the digital approach which will include data mining, a CALPHAD-type thermodynamic approach, and corrosion modeling, a wide range of materials and coatings will be evaluated to extract targeted compositions with respect to the corrosion application. These materials will then be produced via a combinatorial PVD process allowing the rapid synthesis of numerous chemical compositions deposited in thin layers on glass substrates. At the same time, AHE type materials (high entropy alloys) will also be developed as part of the targeted DIAMS project (by conventional means or by combinatorial additive manufacturing) to also be tested in the corrosion devices of the A-DREAM project. Finally, coating developments on larger scales will be carried out using Cold Spray technology. All of these processes will make it possible to cover a panel of compositions and microstructures which will make it possible to identify optimized compositions of bulk materials and coatings and also to study the effect of the microstructure on the behavior of the materials developed. . These materials will then be tested for corrosion by the implementation of an experimental device allowing the accelerated evaluation (by avoiding long-term immersion tests) of the corrosion behavior by the coupling of electrochemical and chemical techniques. analytic. This generic approach will be applied to the case of corrosion in molten chloride environments at high temperatures.